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How it works

The main benefit: you are able to improve the micro blood circulation significantly in your whole body.

Here's how...

Lack of Oxygen = Lack of  Energy = Lack of Vitality

Human breathing is a highly complex subject. In simple terms its all about energy. Your body needs energy to stay alive, to work efficiently, to fight disease and in fact for all aspects of living.

From the moment you are born until your last breath you need this energy.

Your Body = Billions of single Cells

Your body consists of billions of single cells. Each body cell is connected and fed by the Blood Circulation System with tiny blood vessels - they are called Capillaries.

To operate efficiently as a muscle cell or a brain cell - the cells needs energy.

It is absolutely essential that every single cell in the body must be energized by processing nutrients through the intake of oxygen.

Age, Stress, Sickness and Diseases...

It has been scientifically proven that as the body ages or is under stress, suffering from any form of sickness or disease these tiny blood vessels - the capillaries, continually tighten.

Baron Professor Manfred von Ardenne

In 1984 Baron Professor Manfred von Ardenne discovered the "Capillary - Action". Under the influence of an increased oxygen level in the blood it was found, that the tiny blood vessels - the Capillaries increased in size becoming wider.


What that means...

In other words the blood circulation from the big blood arteries and blood veins through to the tiny blood vessels- the capillaries - will be improved significantly.

The outcome of this was that every single cell had more oxygen available. More oxygen meant that every single one of the billions of body cells is able to process a higher amount of nutrients in order to gain more energy.

The Effect

The effect of the treatment can be felt immediately as energized cells receive oxygen and widen thereby enhancing the feeling of well being.