Process of the OxyCure Treatment


Step 1

  • The medical representative will talk you through the agreement for use of OxyCure,
  • this must be signed by both parties
  • The medical representative measures the actual level of Oxygen, the partial Oxygen Pressure (pO2) in your blood.


  • This indicates the readily available Oxygen in your body.
  • Measurements are taken with special high-tech equipment without damaging your skin.
  • The results will be given to you.

Step 2

  • Prior to commencement of the treatment you will be given a supplementary drink. This drink contains vitamin and mineral nutrients which will improve the acceptance of oxygen into the body.

Step 3

  • In accordance with the chosen type of OxyCure treatment you will be provided with your own personal oxygen mask and will start breathing ionized or molecular oxygen provided through the OxyCure devices.

Step 4

  • Step 4 depends on your health status. To improve the blood circulation of your body and brain, light body movement is recommended however you may choose to relax and either read or listen to soothing music.