For Doctors and medical Professionals

As a medical Professional, you know how important oxygen is for the human organism.  The human body is unable to store a larger amount of oxygen or to produce this itself.

As you know the performance of the respiratory process declines with age, in many cases at an accelerated tempo and is made worse due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

For the very first time, this technology enables us to target the decrease in oxygen take-up during the ageing process by using oxygen as a natural remedy, and by improving the well-being and supporting the healing processes in your patients through the effect of this natural product, oxygen.


            OxyCure UK is using this highly developed technology and is thus able

  • to gauge the partial oxygen pressure as an indicator of the level of oxygen that is actually available in the body in a highly precise manner without damaging the skin;
  • to increase the level of oxygen in the blood in minutes by using molecular or ionized oxygen, which is then visibly displayed as a percentage;
  • bring molecular oxygen into the upper layer of the skin, which is useful for the treatment of wounds with the aid of a well dosed stream of oxygen; in addition, watery fluids like Saline Solution for cleaning and disinfection can be added. In the next step ionized oxygen can be used with used with a simple switch.
  • The ionized oxygen acts as disinfectant and will enhance the healing process significantly. This treatment is NOT to be seen as sterile.
  • All Devices are mobile, every Treatment can be done at the practise or at the patients home
Our devices do not use oxygen cylinders; they concentrate the oxygen from the ambient atmosphere, purify it and prepare this oxygen for inhalation using special, controlled catalytic converters.
All our products comply with the highest standards in German law for medical products, such as surgical equipment, and they are safe and easy to handle.  Operating errors are impossible.


 All our devices are designed in a modular construction system, which implies that a great deal of high-end technology has been condensed so that it will fit in a suitcase